Questions about the nutcrackers:


Question: How much of kernels gives the Nutcracker GRK-200?

Answer: Nutcracker doesn’t give kernels, it only crack nuts, ie replaces the work of hummer, and suggests a further manual processing.


The productivity of Nutcracker CI-200 is up to 200 kg per hour, CI-50 – 50 kg per hour.


Q: Is it possible to exclude manual labor in the processing of a walnut?

Answer: No, it’s impossible. There are no such nutcrackers, which are sorted separately kernels and shell (for such needs you should buy vibrating table).


Q: What is the output after the processing?

Answer: The percentage output the kernels, and the quality of processed product depends on several factors: the quality of the nuts, the quality of processing, the quality of equipment. The output of “butterfly” after cracking the nuts on GRK-50 is up to 90%, and on GRK-200 – up to 70%, but it much faster than splitting manually. It loss only about 8.10% in compared with the nuts manual cracking (using hammer) because of significant acceleration of the process of cracking.


Q: How many people need for processing nuts?

Answer: It depends on the planned amount of production, experience of these people and availability of additional accessories. For example, it’s enough only one person to work with the CI-50.


If you want to work with the GRK-200 without downtime, it’s necessary to have about 8 experienced workers. But if the processing amount is not so big, even one experienced man can handle with the processing of 1 ton of nuts per week (or 3 inexperienced), as experienced workers can handle 200 kg of nuts per day, and the person who is just beginning to work on processing the nuts can handle only 60 kg of nuts per day.


Q: Do you have delivery?

Answer: Yes. Delivery in Cherkasy (Ukraine) is free. To deliver in other regions of Ukraine we use delivery services, that will be more convinient for our costumers. Moreover, you can drive up to our manufacture and to test the equipment in place (to put a nut into nutcracker and to see what comes out).


Q: What are the terms of manufacturing?

Answer: Our equipment is made constantly, so we just need to check it’s availability on stock.


Q: What about the prepayment?

Answer: There is no need to pay in advance.


Q: How can I pay for your equipment?

A: You can make payment via COD, PrivatBank card, or to pay cash in place.


Q: Is it possible to get loan or rent?

Answer: No, it’s impossible.


Q: What about commissioning, warranty?

Answer: 1 year warranty. Commissioning works are not required.


Q: Who handle the warranty and post-warranty repair?

Answer: The repairing makes our specialists here, at manufacturing.


For post-warranty repair service the equipment should be send to the producer for the client’s money. But If there is some manufacturing defect, warranty (including shipping) – paid by producer.
If you still have questions – please ask it, and we will be glad to answer them.

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