Nutcracker GRK-200



Nowadays, walnut kernels are in great demand, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The exports of walnut to Europe is so profitable, because this product is deficient there. Processing of walnut – profitable business and investment in equipment for cracking walnut can make you a good profit. Such equipment are not so expensive, that guaranteeing it’s quick recoupment.

Excellent variant of such equipment for processing nuts is our Nutcracker GRK – 200. It is the great electric machine, made from high-quality materials and has 0,75 kW engine. The output of “butterfly” is up to 60% and there is no need to calibrate. But after calibrations nuts you can increase the output of “butterflies”. Our Nutcracker can be adjust for different types of nuts, by increasing or decreasing the gap in which the nut cracks. You can do it even in process of working, for example, to adjust accurately the gap for processing nuts.

The productivity is about 200 kg per hour.

Power consumption: 0.75 kW.

You can choose the single phase network with 220 volts . or three-phase network.

Dimensions: height – 1100mm, width -450mm, length -500mm

Weight 50 kg

1 Year warranty and post-warranty service.

Availability: at stock

Price: 4600 UAH (with 0,75 kW engine)
Price: 4900 UAH (with 1,1 kW engine).