Nutcracker GRK-50


We would like to present to your attention Nutcracker GRK-50.

Long time ago the scientists have proved the usefulness of walnuts. They help to prevent  cardiovascular disease, diabetes. They also improve memory, strengthen the immune system, and strangely enough, despite it contents 70% fat in nuts (rich, healthy fats), contribute to loss weight and prevent of obesity and many other useful properties. Finally, nuts have great taste, which like almost everyone.

That’s why walnut kernels always have a great demand. They are widely used in food industry, pharmacy and others. Moreover, they used not only in Ukraine, but abroad.

All the facts that given above are confirms that the business, that built on processing of walnuts is profitable enough, and don’t require significant financial investments.

LLC “TehnoMashStroy” offers you the great equipment for cracking the nuts Nutcracker GRK-50 with very cheep price.

The uniqueness of this machine is that it has a stationary engine. The gear can be used from any drill or screwdriver and construction is designed to fit the engine gearbox.
Our equipment have a small size, that make it easy to transport and preservation at off-season; also it have a capacious hopper – up to 1.5 kg.

Nutcrackers by hands

Main specifications:

The split of the nut shell occurs when the nut chucking between the rotating shaft and the inner plate of Nutcracker. The connector in which the nuts chopping, can adjust for the nuts of any size. That’s why, this equipment can be used not only for the processing of a walnut, but also forest nuts. The exit of “butterfly” is up to 90%, and productivity is up to 50 kg per hour. Moreover, it’s unnecessary to calibrate nuts. Nutcracker mounted directly on the container for collecting the treated nuts, that can be even a simple bucket. The gear, as mentioned earlier, by the drill.



Quite a large percentage the exit of whole kernels halves. Only few manufacturers of nutcrackers at the Ukrainian market are able to give a similar result.

Nuts are served in small portions to the shaft, allowing the machine to process nuts accurately – there is no uncracked nuts, and, at the same time, there are no completely crushed nuts.

The small size of Nutcracker GRK-50 allows to use it in any place that convenient for you – even at the kitchen.

Nutcrackers GRK-50 has a closed hopper, which avoids the dispersion of nuts and pieces throughout the room. The absence of a stationary engine cheapens this model of nutcracker.

Our equipment has 1 year warranty, and post-warranty service.

Parameters: Length 260 mm, Height 320 mm, 340 mm Width.

Weight: 6 kg

The Nutcracker can be deliver to any region of Ukraine.

Price: 1300 UAH