12 Dec 2017

First start of the granulator

First start of the granulator or how to polish the matrix

Many, buying a granulator, and it is not important pellet feed pelletizer or pelletizer for pressing pellets from sawdust, sawdust, joined with the fact that they do not get pellets on a new granulator. No granules come out, and the dry mix and matrix are constantly clogged with fodder.

Let's consider the reasons of the given phenomenon and ways of their elimination:

Firstly: the granulator, in fact, a new one, and accordingly the matrix in it is also new, not polished, so it must be polished (polished channels in the matrix). You ask, why not polish the matrix at once, in production? The thing is that after polishing, the matrix will lose its marketable appearance and some buyers may ask: is my new matrix or me polished used?
And so the recipe for the polishing mixture: 5 kg of fine fodder (grain), 0.2 kg of fine sand, vegetable oil as much as it takes (the mixture must hold a heap, when squeezed in the hand, the oil stands out slightly from the polishing mixture, but does not drip.) This Mixture to polish the matrix of the granulator, working on a granulator with a polishing mixture in a circle for one and a half to two hours, until the granules begin to form. Then you can work with your feed.

Secondly: the food should be evenly moistened by 15%. At home (without special equipment), you can do this by spreading the food on some surface and sprinkling it with a conventional spray. And do not be afraid that the granulated mixed feed will be wet. By pressing the feed, the feed in the granulator undergoes heat treatment to 60 degrees, thus it dries up.
Thirdly: household granulators (with a matrix in diameter up to 100 mm, for example GKM-100) are not intended for granulation of sawdust, hogs, hay, and chaff in its pure form. Hay, chaff can be granulated, mixing them with grain mixed fodder (60% of hay, 40% of mixed fodder). For granulation of sawdust, granulators with a diameter of 150 mm, 200 mm, 260 mm, 300 mm are intended. (For example GKM-150, GKM-200, GKM-260) and more.
And more importantly - do not forget to maintain a gap of 0.15-0.2 mm between the die and the rollers. This will significantly increase the service life of the matrix and rollers.