20 Dec 2017


Granulator forage

Feed mill granulator is equipment intended for pressing (granulation) of mixed fodders for poultry, rabbits, pigs, cattle, horses and fish. In addition, you can granulate grains, makuhu, chaff, hay, waste from the processing of millet and much more.
Also, some models of pelletizers are also designed for the formation of wooden pies (fuel for boilers on piets). And piletettes are becoming more and more popular, since they are manufactured not from expensive firewood, but from cheap sawdust (and in many cases - free of charge, like waste products in sawmills and in the woodworking industry).
The Ukrainian company "TechnoMashStroy" Ltd. produces and sells pelletizers GKM-100 (pellet feed mills) and GKM-200 (pellet feed granulators, pelleted granulators). Since the entire production process (except for the engine) is carried out at one enterprise, this enterprise is responsible for the quality of all parts, all components are always in stock, gives a guarantee for a year and produces post-warranty repair.
Granulator GKM-100 is equipped with a working matrix with a diameter of 100 mm and is intended mainly for granulation of mixed fodders. The matrix with which the ganulator is equipped can be with radial holes of 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm. For different species of animals - granules of different diameters.
Granulator GKM-200 is equipped with a die with a diameter of 200 mm and is intended for both granulation of feeds and for the production of pies. Matrices with radial holes 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm are intended for mixed fodder. The matrix is the same - 6 mm, 8 mm - for pies.
If there is a need for pellets of different diameters, it is not necessary to have several granulators, it is enough to order several matrices with different radial holes and to change them as necessary.

And one more advantage of these granulators is a two-sided matrix, which doubles the service life of the granulator.
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