26 Nov 2017

Granulation of feeds

Why buy a feed mill granulator?

Can any of you ask yourself: - Do I need a feed pelletizer?

Let's consider what a feed mill is?

The feed mill granulator converts loose mixtures into granules by pressing.

On the advantage of granulated mixed fodder and no speech. This is an opportunity to give the animal all the necessary nutrients, and not just what it prefers in the food. And the disinfection of feed, as during molding, up to 95% of pathogenic fungi die. And a longer period of storage. And the fact that in compressed granules, at least in three more raw materials than in the same volume of loose feed, and much more.

In addition, the purchase of pellet feed will further save a lot on feed for animals or birds.

In order not to be unfounded we will make calculations:
The cost of pellets in Ukraine is on average 5.5 UAH per kilogram
The price for free-flowing feed is about 2.5 UAH per kilogram
Total savings of 3 UAH per kilogram
For 10 kg you get 30 UAH saving
If the animals need 10 kg of feed per day, then for half a year savings of 5400 UAH., And this is the approximate cost of the granulator, hence the pelletizer pays off on average for half a year.
If there is a large farm, then without any subordinates, it is clear what benefit from its own feed pelletizer. In farming, the pelletizer pays off in less than a month.
Besides having a granulator the owner himself decides what ingredients will have feed for rabbits, for pigs, chickens, broilers, quails, cows, etc.
In addition, granulation of feeds is also a good business, whose profitability, given the difference in the price of raw materials and pellets, is obvious.
OOO "TechnoMashStroy" offers a whole series of granulators GKM-100 and GCM-200 and accessories for them.