06 Nov 2017

How to earn a walnut

Business on a walnut fluke


I want to offer you a great idea for starting your small business.

Many people want to do business, but they can not find a suitable idea in any way - so that the costs at first are minimal and the earnings are not bad.

In Ukraine, the business of buying walnuts from the public and reselling it to larger dealers or abroad is well developed. But the units are engaged in cleaning the core of the walnut from the shell. And this is more profitable. Since the kernel of the nut is valued much higher than the unrefined nut. In addition, there is little competition in this area. The core of walnut is in great demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

Another attractive feature of this business is that it does not need significant investment, and no special premises are needed. To start work, you need to buy a nutcracker and buy nuts from the population.

OOO "TechnoMashStroy" offers two types of nutmegs GKM-50 and GKM-200.

In the beginning, the operation of the GCM-50 nut is also suitable, with the help of which it is possible to process up to 50 kg of nuts per hour. Not an experienced pererberalschik can handle up to 60 kg of broken nuts per day, the experimental up to 200 kg is about six standard (50 kg) bags. Further, when the business develops and flourishes, and you yourself no longer cope with the volume of nuts that need to be recycled, invite several people to work - in such cases, an OKHok-200 oil well, which processes up to 200 kg of nuts in hour.

And now let's calculate the profitability of the business on the walnut fluke:

Orehokol GKM-50 is worth 1300 UAH.

Kilogram of walnuts 18 UAH.

Kilogram of "butterfly" 120 UAH.

Kilogram of quarters, and smaller parts of the walnut kernel 90 UAH.

From one kilogram of nuts, the yield is about 0.3 kg of the core.

And so 1000 kg of walnuts = 18000 UAH.

300 kg of core on the average = 30000 UAH.

Earnings per ton of nuts is 12000 UAH.

Even if you take away gasoline spent on nuts, the profits are enormous. With 1 ton of nuts pays off not only a small (GKM-50), but even a large (GCM-200) nutokokol.

To handle such a quantity of nuts, one person, an inexperienced person, needs 2 weeks.

In addition, you can only deal with the walnut by taking orders from the buyers / sellers of the nut and its kernel. The cost of peanuts is about 5 UAH. Per kg of processed nuts. With 1 t you can earn 5000 UAH. For nutmeg GKM-200 - this is 5 hours of work.

Thus, the profitability of the walnut processing business is obvious.

In addition, in the off-season (spring, summer), you can do something else, for example growing strawberries, or take a plot and plant your walnut garden, especially given that in Ukraine there are state subsidies for nut farming http://gorod.dp.ua/ News / 63087.

Thank you for attention. Good luck to you in your endeavors.