27 Sep 2017

What to choose, extruder or granulator

The question is rather difficult, taking into account the fact that everyone has different views and everyone chooses what is needed for him, and what will be of great benefit. In addition, that the extruder feeds that the pelletizer are excellent equipment, each with its own advantages. And in the market, both types of feed are popular. Therefore, to answer the question posed, you need to consider all the advantages of these devices and tell a little about what they are used for.

Grain Extruder

One of the main indicators characterizing the efficiency of livestock production in the economic plan is meat production (all the signs that characterize the slaughter yield, the quality of the tissues, the overall quality of the carcasses). Because of this, farmers are trying in any way to increase productivity and the benefits they receive. Such methods, although effective in a certain way, but in the end they also have a detrimental effect on animals. In the body of an animal that uses a variety of drugs that promote the growth of the mass, disturbances become noticeable, including in metabolism, diseases, and much more. To improve the situation, biologically active additives, mixed fodders and specially processed feeds come to the rescue. To create the latter, and use extruders.

This device appeared not so long ago - about 60 years ago, but it is already very useful for the production of excellent feed for agricultural animals.

The process of extrusion takes only half a minute, and in such a short time the grains are squeezed with screws, then the temperature rises repeatedly, and an "explosion" occurs, followed by an increase in volume.

What are good extruders?

Let's go directly to the enumeration of the positive sides of the extruded feeds:

1. After processing in the device, starch, which is almost not digested, turns into sugar, which is one of the most easily digestible substances.

2. The finished product becomes more nutritious.

3. All useful items are saved.

4. Extruded food can be stored for a long time at the expense of a small percentage of moisture.

5. Thanks to the temperature treatment of harmful bacteria, almost no remains, as well as infections.

But perhaps you have noticed that granulated food costs a little more, which is explained by its positive qualities:

1) Excellent for transportation;

2) More resistant to external factors and irritants (moisture, temperature jumps, direct sunlight on food).

From which we can conclude that buying a granulator is a profitable purchase that will save your money and nerves. Due to the fact that such feeds are well kept in different conditions, time becomes your ally and the feed retains its positive properties for a long time. Assortment of goods, so you can easily choose for yourself the most liked granulator or extruder. When you buy any of the devices, your expenses will not put you in a negative position, and, thanks to the increase in the quality of feed and increase in productivity, will more than pay off. Make the right choice by purchasing a highly productive and energy-saving extruder or a highly efficient and reliable granulator in TechnoMashStroy!